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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Memory is still there.. always be there

Yeahh.. memory is always be there. how fast we run, how depth we breath.. memory is still there. I still remember the time when I enter the matric(kmj) on 2010..i was feel so comfort, so blessed and thye most wonderful things happen in my life because I have so much close friend there. plus the location is so near from my house.. about half an hour.. my parents also came to see me at happy I am that time.. there is  so much memory there. that I’m created and happen just coincidently. I love for every single moment there. From my hostel, my cafĂ©, my practicum class, and all of the things in KMJ.. i love it. i miss it. The best moment I ever had is all about my close friends and my practicum. There made me to be myself. Yeah! That we called friends. I still remember, the first time I enter the class,H34..there were only 4 boys over 28 girls in that class..can you imagine..ohhh.. how shame I am on that time.. HAHAHA..the girls  always said that I so arrogant,, but actually I’m so shy to them..=,=.. till the time when we enter the second semester,, our relationship became more stronger, and much close. The one of the memories that still bear in my mind is we hang out together.. bbq, play “baling selipar’,”musang”,”baling belon”..and much more..yeahh.. That time I feel that so happy likely I’m with family. how I appreciated the moment that God let to me for a moment.. even till now, I’m still laughing n keep laughing when watching all the videos and all the pictures that still in my storage. Yes. I miss all of the things. I miss all the moments. They were successfully make me being myself and make my world like mind. too much i think when im try to tell all about our moment. and i think there are not enough time for me to write all of the things that happen between us. and one more interesting moment i want to share is every one of us has our own title that given by among us. for me example. they were called me and kepoh. why?? because im very talkative! and that is fact. HAHAHAHA..i think the factor that we can get along among us is because of we share the same hobby which is like and very love picture and snap. #camwhore..HAHA..can you imagine guys that every place or event that we have,actually we take about 60 pictures. and its minimum!.HAHA.. yes..we love pictures.much and much. HAHA..But I realize that time running so fast and all of the things and moment just a memory. Yes. Just a memory. But the memory still there. Now I realize all of the people and my friends is the precious gift from GOD to me. Even we can’t see and meet as before,but the ukhuwah is till jannah. In sha allah. Ukhuwah fillan Abadan abada. And I love them in the name of allah.

Monday, 10 June 2013


Ada 3 hal dalam hidup yang tidak akan kembali :
1. Waktu
2. Kata-kata
3. Kesempatan.

Ada 3 hal yang dapat menghancurkan hidup seseorang :
1. Kemarahan
2. Keangkuhan
3. Dendam.

Ada 3 hal yang tidak boleh hilang :
1. Harapan
2. Keikhlasan
3. Kejujuran.

Ada 3 hal yang paling berharga :
1. Kasih Sayang
2. Cinta
3. Kebaikan.

Ada 3 hal dalam hidup yang tidak pernah pasti :
1. Kekayaan
2. Kejayaan
3. Mimpi.

Ada 3 hal yang membentuk watak seseorang :
1. Komitmen
2. Ketulusan
3. Kerja keras.

Ada 3 hal yang membuat kita sukses :
1. Tekad
2. Kemahuan
3. Fokus.

Ada 3 hal yang tidak pernah kita tahu :
1. Rezeki
2. Umur
3. Jodoh.

Tapi, ada 3 hal dalam hidup yang pasti, yaitu :
1. Tua
2. Sakit
3. Kematian.